February 14, 2012

“The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want.” - Ben Stein

It's my birthday today (thank you, thank you.) I turn 21 (technically at 9:21 pm..I'm a nerd.) I am all for new beginnings, fresh starts, blank pages...every cliche for...whatever. Anyway, that quote from Mr. Stein - I just found it on ThinkExist and I like it.

"Decide what you want." So many people don't do that. Or they think they are, but they never pursue what they want. They just talk about it (I am guilty of this.) No more, though. It's a new year, in two ways (yes, it's still a new year, even though it's the middle of February.)

I have decided what I want and it's time to put my plans in the Lord's hands and take the steps that I know are necessary and up to me to fulfill them. And ya know, I'm okay with baby steps. I have big ideas, and my tendency has been to shoot for the big right away, not..work my way there. (Hence why I don't play clarinet anymore.)

I mentioned that I want a coffee shop. I really do, and that's it. That's my goal. I have a plan, simple as it may be, but a plan none-the-less. It's workable. It's possible. I'm excited about it :)

SO - 21. What do I hope to have accomplished by the time I turn 22?

...We'll see what God has planned.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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