June 15, 2013

"We are our choices." - Jean-Paul Sartre

I like to google quotes about whatever topic I plan on discussing. I usually take them at face value, because I appreciate what is said, though I don't know what context it's in.

I don't know much about Sartre - nothing, really. His name is familiar, but that's about it. So, considering that he's a "existentialist philosopher, playwright, novelist, screenwriter, political activist, biographer, and literary critic." Chances are good that I don't align myself with much, if any, of his belief system. But like I said - I don't really know much about him.

I say all that to avoid being chewed out about using a quote from a secular man.

But let's be honest. It's true that the choices we make give people insight into who we are. I don't think that we ARE our choices, per se, because sometimes choices are honest mistakes, and don't necessarily reflect who we truly are.

I say all this to let you know that Choosing Life over Pancakes in still 100% relevant in my life. However, the definition has shifted a bit. It's not so much about choosing LIFE as in, "living life to the fullest," but more choosing LIFE as in righteousness and godliness. Understanding what I believe and making the choice to incorporate my relationship with God into my life every day. I fail drastically. I choose Pancakes all the time when it comes to my walk with the Lord, and when it comes to being Christ-like.

I know it's all a process, but it's a matter of discipline. (Insert "real life" examples such as health, doing well at work, etc.)

Growing closer to the Lord isn't about success and feeling like I'm "doing such a great job" at being a Christian. It's not about how I'm seen as a believer, but about the integrity of my relationship with the Lord. It's like integrity in real life. If you're the same behind closed doors as you are in public, then you have nothing to worry about. The same thing for our walk with the Lord. If I actually have a strong walk with Him, and actually spend time with Him, and actually spend time in prayer, I won't need to act like I've got it all together as Christian. That will just manifest itself.

I fail. Every day I fall short of who I think I should be and who I want to be in Christ. I fall so short, and so hard. I know that God is faithful with new mercies, but I do not want to take them for granted. I need to stay humble.

That's the word from God about this season of my life. Stay humble. Remember who I really am, and who He really is, and walk in humility. Don't take anything for granted.

The end.

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