November 2, 2014

It's that time again.

When Hannah feels like writing, but isn't sure what she's going to write about.

I suppose what I SHOULD be doing is writing for NaNoWriMo, as it's already the second day of November, and I don't even have a working title.

I started pottery last week, and it was amazing. I honestly don't care if I make nothing but lopsided bowls - working the clay with my hands, and feeling it spin on the wheel is an incredible experience. Seeing it take shape, and get thinner, or thicker, by the slightest pressure. It's amazing, honestly. I love getting my hands dirty.

There's a lot going on this month. Dad is going back to Arizona in a couple days, which means I'll get to be on my own again for a couple weeks - yaaaassss :) I'm glad that both of my parents will be home for Thanksgiving, though. And that mom will get to maybe see the tail end of fall...that weird inbetween where maybe there will snow, and maybe there will still be some pretty colors. I'm seeing a screening of "Of Mice and Men" the Sunday after they get home, which, as far as family time goes, will be a bummer. However, super stoked about it. I'm going to the screening in Portsmouth, and basically, spending the day in Portsmouth, with theatre, is going to be awesome. I'm also seeing Anberlin this month! They're on their final tour.

Well...I had a long paragraph written out, but decided that it would incite too many questions, and am just going to journal instead.

Learning how to keep things to myself. That's something I'm doing these days. All I know is, some things have come up in my life, and I am facing them. I'm trying to face them respectfully, and maturely, and eventually I will face them spiritually. All I know, is that despite the lag in my walk with God these days, I want to live my life based on Him, and living in reverential fear of Him. Not fear of people's opinions of me.

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