November 27, 2014

Granted Gratitude.

2014 has been, honestly, a jam-packed year. So many things have happened that have been little dreams of mine that came true. I've been so abundantly blessed, that I have slipped into a rut of taking it all for granted. Being ungrateful makes us terrible people, inherently, and I repent.

I have established so many friendships, mostly from work. I'm surrounded daily by people that I love, and care about. I love to love and care about people, and I'm thankful that I can do that.

I got Vincent this year! The sweetest, most wonderful orange kitty that you can hear purring from across the room, who sleeps on my face.

I became a level one certified Barista with the Specialty Coffee Association of America - and I almost didn't pass, but it was a grading fluke!

I flew to Colorado and spent ten amazing days in the most beautiful place in America.

I went on my first date.

I had a positive, and romantically inclined relationship - it ended poorly, but that's because 24-year-old men are freaked out by women who have standards. Whatever, Ben. **Note to all single men reading this: Don't talk about deal breakers with a girl, and then just stop texting her, never to be heard from again. At least wish her a happy life, and say "this has been fun," or something. It's tacky to fall off the face of the earth because a girl doesn't drink alcohol.

I got to see two of my favorite books as plays, and they were beautiful, and I was weeping by the end of both of them, which is all I wanted.

I got to see my favorite band perform for the last time.

I got to spend a month and a half experiencing a life of independence, and it was fantastic.

I started taking pottery again, and it's amazing.

Thanks to my mother, I'm well into the process of going back to school.

I've learned a lot about who I am this year. I've accepted myself, and it's liberating.

I'm very thankful for everything that I have, and for the people that I have the privilege to know. I know some amazing people. They span all spectrums of life, religious beliefs, and interests. They're amazing. They've all added to my life in ways that I can't begin to express.

I need to live a more thankful life. There's so much.

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