December 7, 2013


WHAT IS UP WITH MEN?  I need a husband so that men will go away. I'm so bored with friendships with men. Like, I don't mind being a friendly aquaintence or anything, but seriously? I want to get to know one man really well, and then hang out and talk to him until one of us dies. Not just any man willy-nilly that isn't going to marry me. It's stupid, it's a waste of time. bleh. I'll be in book clubs with men, I'll have casual, nondescript chit chat with men on the weekends at work, I'll have fun working with men, but I DON'T WANT TO SEE INTO OTHER MEN'S SOULS. I JUST WANT TO SEE INTO ONE, AND HAVE HIM SEE INTO MINE AND THAT'S IT.


1 comment:

  1. LOL You crack me up. Enjoy these single-hood relationships, though, because when they end, they really do end. This is a unique time in your life.