May 5, 2012

Nothing much.

I don't really have anything to say, but I wanted to blog just to say I did it.

I've started writing in my journal a bit more this past week. I was doing this in Starbucks the other night, and I realized, as I wrote down meaningless things about my potential future life...planning a trip with my best friend, wanting to make coffee for a living...surprisingly, nothing about wanting to be married (I like these seasons of feeling like an empowered single woman. I think I have about 2% of a femenist in me.Not the entirety of the movement, but some.)

Anyhow, I realized how little I talk to people. I mean, I journaled about three full pages of...nothing significant.

Oy. But I guess there's a part of me that enjoys being quiet and on my own. For now, anyway. Because I do like to be with people. I like to chat. I never thought of it before, but this could just be a season. I'm still trying to figure myself and my life out. Yeah, yeah. I can never completely do that but there does come a point where we feel confident in ourselves and our ambitions and can be more at ease in our own skin.

There are different levels of confidence that I believe we all need to and are working through. Self image, like and dislikes, ambitions, goals...It's a process that is never fully completed, but also one that...Let me think. One that we level up on so we can move forward strong for a bit, until we need to grow more.

Make sense?

Maybe I'm making excuses for myself. In part. Whatever. Don't care.

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