February 11, 2012

Ketchup. It's like catch up, only tastier.

Hello, hello, hello!

First off, Photography 365, Month of January CATCH UP. I just took pictures like a mad woman to just get it DONE. I'll work on February tomorrow.

So, without further ado, I present to you January 23rd-29th.

Hoooooo. Okay. In order:
Day 23: Something Old. These are..Puka? beads from my Aunt Jill. They're from Hawaii (my mom and her famil lived in Hawaii for a whle when they were litle. So..they'e old!)
Day 24: Guilty Pleasure. The Beatles. I love them and I can't listen to them long because I get a pounding headache.
Day 25: Something You Made. I made this Salvation bracelet at VBS this year. Or a couple years ago...I did not make the piggy bank :)
Day 26: Color. This is probably the most colorful place in my room. The box used to hold all my mail from school. The car belongs to Bob from Light of the World (Geri and I stole them as ransom to get him to come to graduation. Didn't work!) the Panda is a friendship gift with a girlfriend from school. A guy in my class, Roman, stole it and colored in over in sharpie. In vain I tried to clean it and now it's purple.
Day 27: Lunch. This wasn't my lunch that day, but I've eaten almonds for lunch.
Day 28: Light.
Day 29: Nature. From my train trip.
Day 30: You, again. This picture IS from the 30th. I got my hair cut that day and the stylist straightened it for me. I haven't had straight hair in years!

*takes a breath* Okay! Now, for the rest of my life. I got back from a trip to my old Bible college, now called Summit International School of Ministry. Lemme tell ya! That place is DIFFERENT. They get free milk, can listen to music when they work out, can sit with boys in church, wear colored blouses, all kinds of crazy stuff ;)

Well, this trip was wonderful. I went for the Revival services and well. I got revived. Personally, the morning services, by Pastor Tim, were the ones that I felt more connected to. Which, I realized, is okay. You really don't have to receive from everything. It may not be meant for you, bu you can still be fed by it. Don't leave bitter because it wasn't profound...leave satisfied because the Spirit has filled you!

I saw friends, was able to encourage and be encouraged, laugh, have honest conversations, and just relax. I mean, my life isn't as insane as others, I know, but still. The brain needs a rest, and I was blessed with the opportunity.

Siiiiiiigh :)

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