January 20, 2012

Ve ah going to pahmp you ahp.

Well, first off, I think about my blog often. I don't know much of what to write about (as I've stated before.) Yesterday and today were mildly eventful, so as I post my pictures I'll think of what to say.

In case you didn't notice (which you probably didn't), I'm way behind in my 365s. SO. Here they are.

Day #17: Water

Day #18: Something You Bought (Skillet's Awake album. I've really enjoyed the songs I've heard on Pandora and such, but, unfortunately, not an ultimate favorite so far.)

Day #19: Sweet (He loves to play phone call, so I told him his mom was on the phone. He goes, "Hi, mom!")

And, finally, Day #20 is Someone You Love. It's over there --->
And, if you're someone who doesn't know me at all and wondered into my blog, those are my parents :) I love them.
SO. Yesterday and today.
Yesterday I babysat and contracted a cold (again!) From there, I went to sit in Starbucks for a couple of hours while my dad was in his meeting. I enjoy sitting at Starbucks alone, but the past two times have been particularly dull because I haven't brought a book. I love my phone and all, but there's something about being THAT techie that is a put-off to me - at least concerning myself.

I had no book, so my options were to text, go on Facebook and people watch. People watching is okay to do in coffee shops if people are moving in and out frequently...not if they're sitting around for a long time, which most of last night's customers were. There is one fellow is is particularly intriguing and odd.

The past few weeks when I've gone into SB, there's been a man sitting in some corner, on his laptop (with a plethora of gadgets around him), editing pictures. I never knew until last night that ALL of his pictures are of cats >_> Just a little bit odd, but hey. Whatever floats your boat.

Eventually, near the of my stay, my friend Jessica came to visit. Turned out she was at the church down the road.

Today was another humorous encounter with the essence of "dude." When GIS shut down for the afternoon, Dennis (trainer) and Billy (the infamous) began working out. Now, I don't know if it's because I never had brothers, or never hung out with guys to personally until college (even then, not much.) but when I watch these guys work out, it just cracks me up! I honestly don't know what it is...Maybe because it's a women's club, maybe because hearing them get their Macho on is just...funny.

At one point, Billy walked into my office and said, "If you hear Dennis and I talking to each other like Hans and Franz, just..disregard it. Just ignore it."

Billy will talk like Hans and Franz every once in a while. And just the idea that this younger guy and this older guy are talking to each other while they work out in a women's gym in these voices....it's a mind's eye thing that puts a huge smile on my face. Boys will be boys. Forever.

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