January 12, 2012

A longish post about my day.

I work part time as a secretary (basically) at a women's fitness club called Get In Shape For Women. I got the gig by going in on a whim and asking if I could use their machines in exchange for free labor. Cleaning, etc. Well, the manager, Billy, invited me into his office and we had a chat. He said he'd call me back the following week - yeah, sure, I thought. I didn't expect to hear from him again. However, he DID call back. Two days later! He had me come in a couple times to just work out, and then I started working.

Here's the thing: I got the whole package. I'm not walking on a treadmill for free. I'm doing their program for free. Which is amazing and such an obvious gift from the Lord that I am STILL in awe when I think about it. I mean, it was an idea. I had the thought for almost two months before I finally went in.

I love it, too. Billy is great. He's a middle aged guy who loves Motown and has a ponytail for goodness sakes! But he is super nice and just a quirky Guy. Today, while I was cleaning the place for their open house, Billy comes to me in the middle of his workout and says,

"Lets watch and see what this lady does with her shopping cart. She'll either A, leave it. B, take it back or C put it somewhere in the middle."

Totally random and I didn't even know that we would actually talk about it, lol! But sure enough, I'm walking by and he says, "It was A." Then we shared a couple stories about people who tried to get away with dumb things like leaving shopping carts in the lot.

OH! Another story from today. Yesterday, Billy found out that I've never seen any of the Rocky movies. He was literally like, "What?! I have tell Dan!" (By the way, Dan is one of the trainers at GIS. The "main" trainer or whatever. Two other guys come in a couple days a week.) So he tells Dan, and Dan's all, "I've have all of them. And I've seen them about 100 times." I'm like..."Uhhhh...my bad?"

Anyway, so I go in today, the guys come out of the office and stand around me. Billy says,

"Hannah, Dan and I were just having a meeting and we have an assignment for you. This Saturday, you need to take some time and watch the first three Rocky movies. At LEAST the first two. Then, next week, when you have some time, make your way through 4 to 6."

We had a good laugh, and it made me smile. I'm the only female staff at GIS - there's four men working there, so things like, "You haven't seen Rocky??" are hilarious because it's such a DUDE flick. All I know is that sometimes my job feels like a TV sitcom and I love it.

This is my office (Well, Dan's business cards are on the desk, but he's not in there very much.)

On a side note (literally), if you check out the Photo365 over there --->
you'll see the current contents of my purse. Now, nix the shoes because I'm wearing them. The shoes were to change into after soaking my uggs in an inch of slushy water from walking to work. My wallet, my keys (that FINALLY! have a car key on them!!), rags to clean from cleaning at GIS, my camera with an adorable Calvin and Hobbes button that I got from the best year of SoulFest ever, and some loose change. It's emptier than usual. McAllen says I carry bricks in my bag..

Only sometimes.


  1. It sounds like a lot of fun. I love coworker banter. So, it's a Rocky weekend, huh?

  2. I'm just a little jealous you are working out for FREE! Lucky dog, enjoy it! I still don't see where to subscribe... there is the post by atom thing but it only v=brings up tons of HTML stuff.

  3. Lol its pretty trippy. I don't want to waste a minute of it! I see a 'follow' button at the top. Is that it?