January 16, 2012

Late Pictures.

Well, I'm behind a bit in the Photography 365 project, but I don't think I have anyone anxiously awaiting what comes next, so it's no big deal.

Today (the 16th)'s picture is over there --->
Yesterday's is here:

The topic was "Happiness," and peanut M&Ms happen to bring me much joy. There's also a fun history with them. My last semester in college, my campus chore was cleaning the staff offices. All us girls in that particular wing would snatch M&Ms (sometimes peanut, sometimes plain) from (now former staffer) Malachi. He had a jar on his desk and we girls would raid it every night! We cleaned him out several times and had to give him money sometimes to keep our addiction satisfied. When times were hard, we needed candy! And Mr. Malachi was always kind enough to satisfy our need for tiny bits of chocolatey goodness.

There were some great times cleaning those offices :)

Now, today's picture. The topic is "Morning," so I took a picture of...the ceiling :) When I wake up in the morning, I see the ceiling. And my curtain. It's obscure, but hey. That's how I roll.

P.S. On a side note, last summer I got a bunch of new nail polishes. I've only tried a few and today, I branched out and painted my nails "jade". I really like how it looks, my mom likes it, but my dad is against. I'm hoping to win him over, lol.

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